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Helpculture Ltd offers personalised consulting services to children, teenagers and adults who wish to spend a period of study or work in a foreign country to improve their knowledge of a different language and ensure better job opportunities for themselves.

Thanks to our highly skilled, trained and specialised staff, we are able to offer ad hoc consulting services and follow the student throughout his/her learning experience.

Since the school year 2016/17, we have also been able to establish collaborations with U.S., UK, Spanish and Italian colleges. In particular, our consulting service consists of:

1. advice on the learning/work path that mostly meets the student's needs, keeping in consideration his/her passions and personal interests (for example, if a student is keen on music and wishes to begin his/her work career in this sector, he/she will be able to take a course to learn more about this subject and then carry out an internship) or we assist the student in choosing and register to universities in UK, U.S., Canada, EU and extra EU;

2. we consider the budget available and we check if any scholarships are available;

3. we plan the study/work experience according to the timeframe indicated by the student in order to fully meet the needs of the single student/worker. Also for shorter periods:

4. we offer on-site assistance upon arrival and during the entire stay.

Elena, 15 years old

I could simply describe my experience in England with a series of trivial adjectives and discounted as fun, useful, or fantastic. Instead .... bad luck wants me to be a girl who does not like the limits, I would add that the three week stay in England has changed me. To make the idea better, Charles Schulz, commonly known as "the creator of Snoopy""Life is like a bicycle with ten speeds. Most of us have gears they will never use."


So I would like to thank HelpCulture for helping me to unlock some gears and allow me to ride faster than before. Many are convinced that such an experience only serves to improve their English, but it was much more.

Of course, there are moments of nostalgia, but teachers always make you feel comfortable and above all to make you entertain yourself. Thanks to them and to the family who hosted me I never felt stupid or out of place. I've also met a lot of foreign guys who have sent me a lot on their country.

Matteo, 17 years old

I had a two week job, unpaid work experience in the UK: I did not know what to expect but when I had to go home I was sorry it was over! Working as a waiter in an English cafe was exciting and fun, even though I had to get used to the hectic pace of the staff.

All my colleagues were extremely friendly and helped me a lot.

The family who hosted me was very friendly and welcoming and I felt comfortable at all times. I'll be back tomorrow !!!

Thanks to Helpculture that helped me to do this very interesting experience.

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